"Killing 2 birds with 1 stone" legacy upgrade and new blog feature. Rapid prototyping with Drupal and fully responsive UI

3 years 5 months ago

Lightspeed All Global Circle


All Global Circle, part of Lightspeed Research, a division within Kantar provides surveys for pharma and medical survey, targeted at medical professionals.

The upgrade for AGC was completed but not implemented yet and a business requirement to create a Blog was needed.
The current solution is in desperate need of updating to a mobile first approach as up to 70% of access to websites is done on handheld devices and so losing clients from critical customer engagement.
The site is coded and maintained with a legacy platform using ColdFusion, CFM. This has been updated with Drupal, but there was no way of knowing when the implementation would happen and AGC marketing managers were being held back, from promoting and loss of users from the current bad mobile XP.
The design strategy is to continue to use the CFM objects but in a bootstrap UI framework offering full responsiveness and using an Iframe model to include Drupal Blogging, with all those scalable features such as user logins and comments for example.

  • Product Modelling – Business analysis
  • Heuristic UX Design, - IA information architecture
  • Rapid prototyping
  • UI Design, UI brand, Handheld – Desktop
  • UI Engineering - Bootstrap UI
  • Drupal CMS PaaS E-Commerce configuration
  • UI Engineering - bootstrap UI framework
  • TWIG, HTML, SASS/CSS, jQuery

Product features - blog

UI issues - consistency

Current legacy UX issues – not responsive UI to be addressed with this new product model

UI issues - consistency

Sitemap and build presentation for development team on how it’s done

UI issues - consistency
UI issues - consistency

Describing the UI implemented on the front-end with some minor issue need to be addressed – homepage with block – working model

UI issues - consistency
UI issues - consistency

Mobile solution – rapid prototyping using AxureRP – hi-fidelity

UI issues - consistency